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Internet Neutrality and the Wider Picture of Treasonous Political Agendas

At the risk of adding my user name, or even my real name, to a list of "known unknowns" in the ever-expanding and stealthy netherworld of surveillance bureaus, I'm resolute to voice my opinion and hopefully to contribute some  useful insight and worthy commentary on current events and significant social changes in the U.S. during this transformative period in our nation's history.  It is because of the technological advances that had been spearheaded and backed by our past governments that I'm able to exercise my democratic rights, not only to contact my congressman via various methods of communication, but also to add my two cents to the ongoing discourse taking place around the net neutrality issue in our nation's capital and among the citizenry who are most  affected by the law-makers' decision on this particular issue; namely, the internet users, bloggers, entrepreneurs--current and future--of an entirely new breed of companies that, while building upo