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Mozilla to Integrate Adobe Flash DRM

Interview with SystemD developers

(translated from Systemd's goal is to standardize Linux, +Lennart Poettering told us three years ago. For quite some time, already, the project that was started by Poettering and +Kay Sievers has become more than simply an init-service; with the upcoming switch to  +systemd   by the Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions, it seems that systemd's goal to standardize Linux has been achieved, according to the developers in the interview with In the meantime, the only missing OS from among the biggest and most well-known Linux distributions is  +Slackware all others have either implemented systemd already, offer a solution for its use, or have begun the changeover to systemd.  That's something that the developers could never have imagined, though did hope; ultimately, they remain convinced of the advantages that their software provides. In the last four years they were both heavily criticized, though, as Sievers put it, that criticism c

Patriotic Philanthropy

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country" -John F. Kennedy I realize it's not very "original" to start off an article these days with such a magnanimous quote of seemingly mythical proportions; it's become cliche, in fact, especially when the words and the orator of those words are revered and idealized by grade-school students and octogenarians alike throughout our country.  Maybe it is because of the ubiquitous nature of this phrase that my mind immediately zoomed to that notable speech when I read the story of the recent repair of the Washington Monument and its financial support provided by an American billionaire (aristocrat).  It may also be the case that I was persuaded by its media coverage by CBS News and the New York Times , which both more than eluded to the phrase "patriotic philanthropy" and "patriotic giving" when presenting this story; nonetheless, I was hooked. While the expone

Mozilla Fights for Net Neutrality

Oh Mozilla, your heart pure as Vanilla. If it wasn’t for you, I’d move to Timbuktu. Check out Mozilla's Open Policy initiatives. +Mozilla Firefox

My Distaste for Our State of Affairs

During this time in history when the most populous nation in the world, China, is aggressively growing a formerly minuscule or even non-existent middle-class--through direct as well as indirect actions and with the help of some of the consequences of those actions--the richest nation in the world, United States of America, is aggressively growing the wealth of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and the upper class through deregulation--actions that erode the rules and laws that were put into place to protect the middle-class from "greed is good" evangelists; corporations that span across ALL sectors of industry and aspects of life in America, and who have no face and no true home but for tax purposes--after all, as they say, ...death and taxes. During this time , when an increasing number of formerly isolated and closed-off nations in the world are relaxing their grip around the minds and mouths of their populace in an effort to release that Potential Energy buzzing within