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Commentary on LinuxJournal's Message to Hardware Vendors

Android vs. iOS (iPhone)

It seems to me that Android has created a powerful niche somewhere between Microsoft/Windows and Mac/iOS. As we all know, the integration between- and smoothe operation of Apple Hardware and its own Software( Along with Steve Jobs’ vision/leadership) have propelled the company and the brand from the brink of extinction to the most powerful and most profitable company on the planet (Q3/Q4 of Fiscal year 2012).  Microsoft/Windows had dominated the market by licensing its software to manufacturers who could “assemble” the hardware categorically and load the proprietary software to create a generic-for lack of a better term-product for the masses in a timely/cost-effective manner. Though, the money saved on research/integration/development meant those PCs usually couldn’t even use the technology within to its FULL potential. Meanwhile, in the current market trends–with Mobile devices surpassing Desktops/Laptops–Android has emerged as an Open Source, customizable Operating System to