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cPanel Removal

It's a poorly-kept secret that cPanel wants to prevent Server owners and/or administrators from being able to purge their systems from the rootkit-like software.  While they've recently made a change claiming to focus on support for primarily rpm-based Linux distributions, i.e. mainly Red Hat and CentOS; cPanel software breaks almost EVERYTHING RHEL/rpm-related on the system!

Their use of binary packages and perl scripts along with choosing to disable SELinux completely puts this outdated and soon-to-be obsolete software in direct conflict with anything Linux! I wish they had switched to support Windows instead.

In any case, here's yet another blog post online outlining the procedure attempting to, relatively cleanly, remove cPanel from a VPS running CentOS 7 in a Virtuozzo container.
yum list \*cpanel\* yum remove \*cpanel\*
Remove the line in /etc/yum.conf starting with "exclude".
# cat /etc/yum.conf [main] #; exclude=courier* dovecot* exim* filesystem httpd…