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Firefox Apps on Desktops!

The Firefox browser has always thrived as the underdog; the "alternative" browser of choice. It's this sort of identity, along with it's historically strong security record and OpenSource nature, that had propelled it and its predecessor, "mozilla browser", to near 50-percent usage share by some counts . More recently, however, with the browser-market saturation expanded by the additions of Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browser, Firefox's usage-share has been experiencing a downward trend; even as the newer additions to the browser-market have seen exponential user growth, i.e. Chrome!

Android vs. iOS (iPhone)

It seems to me that Android has created a powerful niche somewhere between Microsoft/Windows and Mac/iOS. As we all know, the integration between- and smoothe operation of Apple Hardware and its own Software( Along with Steve Jobs’ vision/leadership) have propelled the company and the brand from the brink of extinction to the most powerful and most profitable company on the planet (Q3/Q4 of Fiscal year 2012).  Microsoft/Windows had dominated the market by licensing its software to manufacturers who could “assemble” the hardware categorically and load the proprietary software to create a generic-for lack of a better term-product for the masses in a timely/cost-effective manner. Though, the money saved on research/integration/development meant those PCs usually couldn’t even use the technology within to its FULL potential. Meanwhile, in the current market trends–with Mobile devices surpassing Desktops/Laptops–Android has emerged as an Open Source, customizable Operating System to