My Distaste for Our State of Affairs

During this time in history when the most populous nation in the world, China, is aggressively growing a formerly minuscule or even non-existent middle-class--through direct as well as indirect actions and with the help of some of the consequences of those actions--the richest nation in the world, United States of America, is aggressively growing the wealth of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and the upper class through deregulation--actions that erode the rules and laws that were put into place to protect the middle-class from "greed is good" evangelists; corporations that span across ALL sectors of industry and aspects of life in America, and who have no face and no true home but for tax purposes--after all, as they say, ...death and taxes.

During this time, when an increasing number of formerly isolated and closed-off nations in the world are relaxing their grip around the minds and mouths of their populace in an effort to release that Potential Energy buzzing within it, in hopes of enriching their culture, their national standing, as well as their wallets, the beacon of freedom and individual rights since its inception, the United States of America, aggressively moves towards relaxing the grip around its oligarchs and czars, empowering them to ignore the muted voices of the populace as they squirm in their own blood--hiding their financial, emotional, and physical bruises; "let them eat Lead", they proclaim with a sinister cackle that follows, as they stand around the miles-long cable coils and digital stock tickers, singing the praises of the almighty dollar; for it was He, who bestowed upon them the power over human dignity and restored their innate right to rule, even if it is indirectly through political favor and propaganda; for it was He, who bartered a deal with the devil for the votes of the American peasantry.

During this time of human achievement, through wondrous technologies and discoveries; when the human race lay claim to planetary conquests and galactic explorations; when the earth's proverbial "corners" are no longer bound to the antiquated measures of time and space constrained to the realm of our own perception of the world; during this time, the nation of immigrants that allowed for- nay, demanded from its citizens--those bright-eyed optimists and arrogant defenders of decency--to explore the limits of their minds, their world, their society and their government, and push past those limits even if it defied the very laws of nature which we, skeptically, know to be true, unless we prove otherwise; the nation of ivy league school and some of the worlds most prestigious institutions and centers of learning; this, the great nation held in awe the world-over for its ideals that envisioned by, and raised up on the shoulders of, some of humanity's greatest people is exponentially diluting the pool of talent and intellectual potential through financial structures that resemble pricing trends of telecommunications companies rather than academic institutions.  Similarly, as with telecommunications companies, the value--price paid vs. quality and quantity(Mbps) expected--is increasingly lower than in other countries, unless you happen to be of noble blood.

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