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Awesome Window Manager

The Awesome Window Manager, awesome-wm , is a tiling window manager for Linux PCs that can be used as a standalone X-session or as part of a Desktop Environment, e.g. Gnome, KDE, etc. It's a great lightweight alternative to a full-fledged Desktop Environment, and it's one of the few GUI sessions available that handles dynamic desktop-layouts on multiple monitors/displays quite well. The image below, for example, shows a PC with a built-in display and six separate desktop layouts, along with an external display with its own set of six desktop layouts.

awesome-wm Sound/Audio Fix

As a Window Manager, awesome-wm 's lightweight composition results in a more-responsive user experience as compared to a full-fledged Desktop Environment like Gnome, for example. However, depending on your needs, lightweight might also be described as stripped down ; your expectations of what simply "works" (or should work) right out the gate in a graphical desktop session, without any user input, may be misguided, as I found mine to be today after attempting to watch a YouTube video with no apparent sound. Puzzled by the strange effect, I clicked on another, different, random video, restarted my browser, cleared the cache, tested the audio output with VLC media player to ascertain the persistence of the problem. It seemed inconceivable to me that I hadn't noticed this behavior before, especially, because I had been using awesome-wm for years it seemed! Alas, 'twas so afterall. Here's how I managed to fix the problem with Audio playback on m