The New Meaning of Black Friday

Today, the day after Thanksgiving, "traditionally" known as Black Friday, is the busiest day for shopping in the United States. Though, most media outlets are flooded by incessant calls to run to the store and "SAVE!!", sporadic reports of nation-wide boycotts--in response to another unarmed African-American teenager's death at the hands of a police officer--do make it through to the occasional news-broadcast. It seems that the Black citizens of the United States came to know a different meaning of Black Friday; one more synonymous with the dark, gloomy symbolism of all things black.

While most Americans wrestled and pushed their way through long lines at the retail stores--the annual event provoking scenes eerily similar to those in apocalyptic movies--fighting for bargain prices on consumer products, the black "community", transfixed in a state of dejavu, wrestled with the idea of bargain-low prices of an African-American life.

For, it was less than a week ago that it was proclaimed that no further inquiry was necessary to examine the details of that shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, when yet another video of a 12-year-old black boy began circulating the media outlets; a 12-year-old kid, dumb and naive as 12-year-olds go, decided he would not waste a second thought to how dangerous he might come across toward others while twirling a black, plastic toy gun in the public city park. Needless to say it didn't take long for a police car to drive up onto the grass field directly in front of the black youth. Less than two seconds later a shot rang out, the officer calling in to the dispatcher about "shots male, about 20 years old with a handgun...".

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