Firefox Apps on Desktops!

The Firefox browser has always thrived as the underdog; the "alternative" browser of choice. It's this sort of identity, along with it's historically strong security record and OpenSource nature, that had propelled it and its predecessor, "mozilla browser", to near 50-percent usage share by some counts. More recently, however, with the browser-market saturation expanded by the additions of Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome browser, Firefox's usage-share has been experiencing a downward trend; even as the newer additions to the browser-market have seen exponential user growth, i.e. Chrome!

What's even more troubling, perhaps, is that even "power-users" have been jumping the ship, so-to-speak, more and more, decrying their growing dislike of Firefox and praising the features and functionality of Chrome. While, some of Chrome's features, like chrome-apps, are prominently displayed in the Chrome browser, Firefox's Open WebApps for Desktops are available on the Firefox Marketplace; yet, the marketplace integration doesn't seem to be as prominently portrayed even in the Developers Edition of Firefox. Maybe that's why the Chrome browser's set of Web Applications seems to be more plentiful and better-supported; if the users, and potential developers of apps in, Firefox aren't as aware of the state of the "Marketplace", they either assume it's in the early development stage or they're not even aware that it exists!
Nevertheless, as I stated before, in case you haven't heard, the Firefox Marketplace for Web Apps is up and running. It hosts a number of useful, fun, fully-functional Web Apps that work on your Mobile, as well as your Desktop platforms. Apps like StackEdit.

As an OpenSource application, StackEdit's philosophy aligns well with that of Mozilla. However, at the moment, the Firefox Marketplace version of the application doesn't allow for Google-integrated services, as it always results in a popup window with a long link to google-signin that stays blank perpetually. I feel guilty to admit financially supporting StackEdit, great software as it is; yet, I have not done so--nothing even closely comparable--for Mozilla. Perhaps my guilt is driving me to try to persuade the developers of StackEdit to dedicate more effort on the Mozilla/Firefox platform version of their software!
Despite this annoying short-coming, the installation and feature-set provided by the Open WebApps-version of StackEdit works and looks great on my RedHat system with GNOME-3.8.4

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