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GNS3 Version 2 Released!
For the uninitiated, GNS3 is an OpenSource, cross-platform network virtualization software, that’s “used by hundreds of thousands of network engineers worldwide to emulate, configure, test and troubleshoot virtual and real networks. GNS3 allows you to run a small topology consisting of only a few devices on your laptop, to those that have many devices hosted on multiple servers or even hosted in the cloud.“
Ever since the crowd-funding campaign a couple of years ago, the project has benefited from a surge in development, culminating in the latest release announced today. By the way, there’s a GNS3 Academy now, bringing a more democratized approach to training through the use of OpenSource software and affordable prices.  Hopefully, this will do for Networking courses and labs what Udemy, edX, and others have done for other technology-related fields.  Unfortunately, the proprietary hardware and software of industry giants like Cisco or VMWare will continue to be ba…