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Install NVidia drivers in RHEL

NVidia drivers for GPUs (Video Cards) are proprietary software and, therefore, are like a thorn in the eye of the OpenSource/Linux community. Given the nature of said drivers, Linux distributions do not provide support for nVidia's drivers; however, the nouveau project is an open-source alternative to nVidia's proprietary drivers, though it's still very much in development and 3D support, while it's greatly improved in recent years, is lacking. There are two ways to get the nVidia drivers installed onto a system running RedHat: Download the binary package directly from nvidia and execute the installation procedure with sh NVIDIA-Linux- .run Install the Community Enterprise Linux Repository elrepo and install the kmod-nvidia package yum install kmod-nvidia The second method is usually preferred as, similar to rpmfusion and Fedora , they are preformated in rpm format  they can be installed/updated/uninstalled with yum package manager are optimized