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Apache Webserver, PHP, and Software Collections on RHEL7

The relatively short lifespan of PHP versions does not bode well with Extended Release Operating Systems like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. The longevity of the OS is, perhaps, one of the most attractive features for server owners and Administrators. However, as with most things in life, there's always a trade-off. Extended Release Operating Systems provide a long "shelf life" and ongoing support and development for the most important part of a server. It's not surprising then that "bleeding edge" software isn't readily available in the default software repositories. This creates a dilemma in the days of DevOps and increasing Internet penetration. Software Collections have made this type of scenario less problematic. Software Collections provides a repository for more recent, development versions of software that are always separated from the system-wide software installations of a server. This allows us, for example, to run differe

Resource Load Tips and Tricks

Redirect dynamic page to static page if resource issues arise from high traffic to a single Webpage sar -q top -c netstat -antp lsof -itcp lsof -i :80 When you see the PID that is connecting to a remote port 80 rather than accepting a connection to local port 80, use lsof -p on that pid number to find the working directory of it. Security Check if we support insecure SSLv2: openssl s_client -connect -ssl2       Check for outbound connections to remote port 80 netstat -atnp |awk '$5 ~ /80/ {print $0}'   The script above this line uses regex to search for "80" within the 5th column of the `netstat -atnp` command output   netstat -atnp |awk '$5 ~ /80$/ {print $0}' Will do the same, making sure the string search looks for "80" at the end of a string netstat -atnp |awk '$5 ~ /:80$/ {print $0}' Will do the same, making sure the string search looks for "80" at the end of a string